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Jeffrey Pierce, CPYB
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WCBY has established relationships with financial professionals who concentrate on boat financing to ensure that all of your transactions are worry free. These three individuals are experts in marine financing and know how to make any transaction flow smoothly-and quickly. Jeff has used 2 of the 3 on his personal boats.

Chris Hungerink
Coastal Financial Corp.
Holland, Michigan
Website: coastalfinancialcorp.com »
email: chris@coastalfinancialcorp.com »

Dennis Spoljaric Dennis Spoljaric
Marine Banking Services
Chicago, IL
email: Dennis@MarineBanking.com »

yacht Jim Stiverson
Sterling Associates
2415 Margaret Dr,
Fenton, MI
Website: boatbanker.com/ »
email: jim.stiverson@unibank.com »
...making a bold move to improve customer service.
Please join me as I raise the bar for quality in marine financing...
After 15 years with my previous employer I have made a change. This is a big move for me and one that I have not taken lightly. After exhaustive research and due diligence I have accepted a position with Sterling Associates as the Midwest and Central United States Marine Finance Sales Representative. I am excited and honored to join the oldest and most respected company in the marine finance industry. Their reputation with the banks, dealers, and brokers from around the country is impeccable.
How do you and I do business together? The same way we have for years and years. Just call or email me your customers information or send me a completed application and I will take it from there.

Windy City Yacht Brokerage, LLC      Chicago Boat and Yacht Sales
Chicago, IL

Jeffrey Pierce, CPYB

      Tel. 1-630-240-0409

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